Is There a Beach Cart That Will Roll In Sand

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(Last Updated On: February 9, 2022)

You’ve probably tried to lug your gear along the beach in a wagon or any other vehicle with standard wheels. Have you ever stood there, sweating and swearing, wondering if there is a Beach Cart that can roll on the sand?

Hallelujah, the answer is “yes!” There are many types of variety, and the type that will be most effective for you may depend on where you are going.

Below are details about the top-rated options and the differences. This guide will help you make the right choice whether you are shopping for gifts or yourself. Relaxing is the primary purpose of a beach getaway, so we want the “getting to there” part to be as easy as possible.

Extra Wide Wheels on a Beach Cart

The most popular model is the Super Ultimate Ultra Wide Wheel Wonder Wheeler Beach Cart. It’s a given that very narrow wheels don’t turn in the sand. They sink in it, and you end up dragging, not rolling. Slim wheels can even make it more complicated because they create more resistance. The solution offered by this cart maker is to give you extensive wheels that are designed to roll on top of the sand and make your hauling job much more manageable.

This cart measures 39.5″ high by 16″ wide. It can carry a cooler, as well as other items, for a day on the beach. The cart does not include the gear in the photo, but it has some nice extras like a tote bag and an umbrella holder.

It is subjective how well the cart works. You can find exciting comments from 2 engineers on Amazon’s page (in the Question/Answer area). It boils down to this: If you overload a cart with too much weight (and who does?), it will sink in the sand. Even this cart will fall in the sand if it’s too heavy. However, according to one engineer, it is still easier to drag than any tire with a narrow tread.

It’s a shame that there is no way to discover which beaches they visit, which could make a huge difference. You can read more about the following, but this item costs $68 on Amazon, and shipping is accessible on this item.

Beach Cart with Balloon wheels

The U.S. Gulf Coast is my favorite beach, particularly around Orange Beach, Alabama, and Perdido Key in Florida. These beaches have been called some of the most beautiful globally, and I agree. It’s lovely with its blue-green water and crystal-clear sand.

This sand is very soft and deep. If that’s your goal, the Wheeleez Mini folding beach cart may be your best choice. Although I am not an engineer, it is evident that this cart has balloon wheels. The soft tires are also very good at handling steps, which is excellent if you have a boardwalk between your feet and the sand.

There are a few complaints about the tires breaking, but there is a reason. The overfilling of the tires was likely the cause. Remember that more is not always better when it comes to air pressure. These tires will roll better in the sand when they are slightly underinflated.

Although the cart isn’t huge, it can hold a substantial load. The platform measures 12×10 inches, and the mesh bag measures 16.5×16.5 inches. The bag is lightweight at just 11 pounds and has a load weight of 99 pounds. Straps are provided to secure your load and prevent you from losing anything while going down to the breakers. The frame can be folded easily and is powder-coated steel to resist salty air.

This model may not be large enough for your needs. Take a look at the Wheeleez Rolling Caddy Heavy Duty. The folding beach cart is more expensive, but it can carry 165 lbs.

This cart isn’t the best for rolling on the sand, but it can be helpful for specific purposes. The coach has a steel frame that can hold up to 150 pounds and easily folds up into a travel bag.

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