How to Use an Offset Smoker in a Few Simple Steps

(Last Updated On: September 11, 2022)

While the essential capacity of each smoker to prepare nourishment. counterbalance smokers take flavour cooking to another level. They can prepare nourishment using one kind of flavour utilizing wood pellets.

Be that as it may, in order to appropriately prepare your nourishment, you have to set the correct temperatures and smoke levels.

Much same as some other sort of smoker, Best Offset smokers are anything but difficult to utilize once you get acquainted with how they work and what to have as a top priority.

We should clarify in only a couple of steps the most proficient method to utilize a counterbalance smoker to accomplish the most ideal outcomes with your nourishment.

Follow 11 Steps For How to Use an Offset Smoker


The vast majority of the counterbalance smokers have a flat plan, made of two boxes, one being the smoker box and the other one the fireplace.

Both these cases are associated together sooner or later and the smoke is created in the smoker confine and is moved to the smokestack box, and in the end, turns out through the top fireplace.

The nourishment isn’t really cooked over the fire. Yet is the warmth of the smoke which cooks it. This makes the nourishment not get singed and to get a novel flavour, which direct fire cooking can’t give.

After you have picked the correct balanced smoker model for you and set it up, you can bounce in the subsequent stage.


After you have prepared the smoker, you should keep on setting up the fuel you will utilize. Most models utilize charcoal and wood for fuel, which in the long haul, brings down the balance of smoker’s running expenses.

You are allowed to pick the fuel type dependent on what results are you searching for and what you believe is best for your formula.

I prescribe you to pick top-notch charcoal, which will consume better and give you the best warmth for cooking.

Likewise, ensure that the wood is dry before utilizing it as along these lines it will assist you with making the best outcomes.

After you have arranged the charcoal, it is prescribed to initially light the fire in a different empty compartment until you are certain that the charcoal is all illuminated and prepared to utilize.


After you began the charcoal, presently the time has come to stack the fire into your balance smoker. The most ideal approach to do so is by right off the bat fill half of the firebox with un-lit charcoal.

At that point, get the charcoal lit and move it to the firebox, by converging with the other half and afterward shutting the top. Let the top shut for around 10-12 minutes so the coals are totally illuminated.

At that point, open it and include the dry wood. Hang tight for it to illuminate somewhat and close the top once more.


In the wake of illuminating the fire, at that point, your main responsibility is to control the stack and check whether the smoke is great or you have to do any alterations.

You should keep the stack open during cooking, so you can enable the terrible smoke to escape from the nourishment and crisp seasoned smoke comes in. Remember that for this situation, the fireplace doesn’t fill in as a controller for the wind stream.


The dampers are the airflow regulators for offset smokers. They help you to control the level of air that goes into the firebox and make the coals to light more and produce more smoke or not.

Most of the models have dampers located on the side and they have a couple of different levels to adjust to your needs. If you open them fully, a lot of air and oxygen will get into the firebox and the coals will burn faster and produce more smoke.

A partial opening will allow only a small portion of air to reach the charcoal, so it will not burn faster thus the smoke produced is not at the highest levels. If you choose to fully close them, then no air will go into the fire and as a result, the heat and smoke will be reduced drastically.


After you set up the nourishment, marinate it and spot inside the cooking chamber, you should close the top of the smoker and not ceaselessly open it. It is prescribed to possibly open the cooking chamber top when you have to fan the fire.

Other than this, leave the cover shut in any event balanced and a half hours before you open just because. In the event that you consistently open the cover every 10-15 minutes, the warmth will escape and the nourishment will experience issues to get cooked appropriately.


While your nourishment is being cooked, you ought to normally check the temperature. The cooking temperature ought to be between 210-275°F for the nourishment to complete appropriately.

On the off chance that it has been some time since you began, open the firebox, include some more wood and hang tight around 10 minutes for it to burst into flames before shutting the top.

Be mindful so as to include wood and not charcoal. Charcoal is for different purposes and wood is utilized for the smoke enhance.


Now, you just need to change and deal with the temperature utilizing the dampers. Close them midway, so the wind current isn’t excessively high and the smoker isn’t excessively warmed.


While you utilize a counterbalance smoker or some other cooking gear, try to remember your wellbeing. Continuously wear security gloves when cooking or when you are close to the fire as the smoke dividers can get hot and you may get singed on the off chance that you coincidentally contact it.


You should keep an eye for fire delivering awful smoke. You need your smoke to have a light and blue shading. At the point when you notice thick and overwhelming smoke, the time has come to do a quick check and check whether the dampers are shut more than they should.

The absence of oxygen consistently delivers thick smoke however it tends to be effectively fixed by simply opening the dampers and utilizing a metal bar to mix the fire and permit the oxygen in.


It is constantly prescribed to clean your smoker after you get done with cooking. The smoker is cleaned all the more effective when it is somewhat warm.

Here it is a bit by bit cleaning guide for balance smokers for you to make this procedure significantly simpler.

How To Use Offset Smoker In Under 5 Minutes:-

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